Creating The Perfect Teenage Room With Beachy Bedding

Beachy Bedding

The beach theme is perfect for a teenage boy’s bedroom, as it implies a relaxed but fun setting that the teenage psyche needs. The beach is also near and dear to a teen’s heart. Most teens who live near a beach always make it their favorite spot where they hang out with friend. Meanwhile, teens who do not have access to a nearby beach always yearn for tropical vacations, as childhood memories of playing in the sand and capturing a starfish are unforgettable moments.

Tropical theme bedding for teenage boys

beachy beddingGetting the right beachy bedding is the first easy step in turning your teenage boy’s room to a cozy haven. It is the most affordable change too, as it doesn’t cost as much compared to painting the whole room with beach colors or replacing old bedroom furniture with new, beach-themed ones. Before doing any shopping for tropical bedding however, you must first determine the colors that your son prefers in his room. It is important to consult him, because it implies that you value his opinion and you care about him being comfortable with the family team project of decorating his sanctuary. Once you’ve agreed on the colors, it’s time to browse for the best bedding sets.

Looking up some Dean Miller bedding is a great starting point, as the Dean Miller brand features varied beachy colors of comforters, pillowcases and bed sheets. Dean Miller surf sheets are popular with teenage boys because they look exceptionally ‘badass,’ as your teen would say, with surfing graphics and images as the primary design. The colors are also quite tough-looking, with vivid reds and cool dark blues dominating the surf style. Hawaiin sheets, on the other hand, are also quite a great option for the laid-back, cool-as-ice teen. This is especially great for teenage boys who loves beach vacations and water sports, as these Hawaiian sheets could make him feel as if he’s always on a beach adventure, as if he never left the islands.

Teenage boys consider their room a sacred, private place where they could spend hours undisturbed. Parents like you must understand this need for privacy not just in terms of square feet, but also in terms of parental intrusion. However, putting some little parental distance does not entirely mean that you must not get involved in your teenager’s life, like decorating his bedroom.

Decorating your son’s room is an indication that you deeply care for him, and yet understand his need for space. Sharing the task is one way to strengthen the bond between you. Choosing beachy bedding, picking room accessories in tropical design and deciding on paint color are activities that you could do with your teenager for quality time together.

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