When your son was small, it was easy to decorate their bedroom. The latest cartoon character or superhero was fine. Now that he has gotten older, it is time to find more appropriate young adult bedding.

There are many famous clothing designers (skateboard or snowboard) out there that are highly popular with today’s teens. Parents look to these designers for inspiration to carry over their styles into home decor for the bedroom. However, it is difficult since there are no Hurley bedding products, Billabong bedding ideas, or Volcom bedding items available. Either for Burton, Element, Vans, Oakley, Obey, Meister. However, Quicksilver bedding is available.

billabong bedding
It can get complicated while redecorating a teen boy’s room since they are too old for cutsie designs, but are not totally old enough for a rugged design for a grown man. These are a few good themes that may fit well.

If the boy is willing to help, it will be much easier since he can offer insight into the things that he likes. If he wants no part of the process, you are left to think about his hobbies. Perhaps he likes sports and more specifically, a certain sports team. You can find sports memorabilia everywhere as well as team products like blankets, bed spreads, and pillows. If you can not find a particular team, paint the walls in team colors and go from there. This can be also achieved with a Nascar theme as well. Often times, Nascar posters and wall decorations are easily found.

Besides specific themes, think about your son’s style. He may be preppie, surfer casual, or more rough around the edges. These can be where you begin your decorating ideas.

Another way to approach decorating a teen’s bedroom, is establish the basics like paint, rug, and furniture, but let him fill in with the accessories he prefers.

There are so many inexpensive decorations available everywhere, he is sure to put his unique touch in his space,

As your son is getting older, you will want to get a few new pieces of furniture. When he ultimately moves out, he may take the furniture with him. however, if you are planning to keep it in the room, make sure to choose something you like as well. If it will not be used heavily down the road, you may opt for a less
expensive set.

If it sometimes sad watching you little boy grow up into a man. When it comes time to recreate his bedroom space, it can be difficult. Hopefully he is willing to share some input into the design process. If not, there are many ways to begin by selecting neutral colors and simple accessories. Have fun with it and let your
creative juices flow. Young adult bedding can be just as crazy as their shifts in hormones.

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