Who doesn’t love those tropical beaches with their swaying palm trees, cool breezes and blue-green waves gently lapping at the sandy shore? Using tropical theme bedding makes it possible to bring the same relaxing, beach ambiance into any bedroom of your home.

Tropical Bedding Themes

Many adults enjoy using a tropical theme that turns their master bedrooms into little personal retreats. The first step in converting your bedroom into an exotic paradise is to find a comforter that makes you feel like you are vacationing in the tropics. Popular tropical bedding themes currently include palm trees, exotic birds, beach sunsets and tropical fruits.

Tropical Bedding Color Trends

Color trends in tropical bedding currently run the gamut from spicy reds, oranges and yellows to more neutral earthy tones. Designers also love using a lot of calming blue and green tones reminiscent of tropical waters and skies.

Tropical Bedding for Teens

tropical theme beddingTeenagers frequently feel the need to express their independence and individuality. Fortunately, there is such a wide range of tropical themes and bedding to choose from that your teens will surely find one that allows them to express themselves.

Teenage girls often go gaga over tropical bedding that features pink flamingos, dolphins, leis or hibiscus flowers. Hot pink, coral and turquoise tones can help set the stage for your daughter’s sassy style. Accessorize her room with white wicker furniture to giver her space a summery flair all year long.

Teenage boys are a whole different breed, however. Most teens are too old for the superheroes and cartoon characters that they loved when they were kids but aren’t quite old enough to care how their room is decorated. Help your teen choose a theme and colors that match his personality.

For example, Hawaiian inspired ideas such as flip-flops and palm trees often suit laid-back guys. These teens often enjoy lighter blues, greens and earth tones. More athletic guys might enjoy having bedding and accessories featuring surfboards or the silhouettes of surfers. Think deeper blues, greens and oranges for your athlete’s space.

The more adventuring sort might prefer a theme incorporating tropical fish, sea turtles or island wildlife. Dark blues, warm yellows, subtle reds and vibrant oranges help complete the tropical vibe. Black accents and brown rattan or distressed wooden furniture play nicely into any of these themes.

Tips for a Teen’s Room

You can emphasize tropical theme bedding by using brightly colored area rugs or natural bamboo rugs. Vibrant yellow or red storage boxes or baskets can be used for extra storage.

Palm frond ceiling fans, bamboo lampshades and silk potted palm trees complement a tropical theme. You could even hang a string of tiki lights around the room to complete the oceanfront feel. Don’t over-accessorize your teenager’s room, however. You want to leave plenty of space so he and his friends are comfortable hanging out in his room.

Before redecorating your teenage boy’s room, sit down with him and talk about what he likes and dislikes. Make a note of his favorite colors and try to play to his personal interests. He might not care so much about the details, but he and his friends will be spending a lot of time in his room, so his tastes should be considered.

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