X Games Bedding

The X Games bedding is becoming a big hit. While sports themed bedding has always been common for teen bedrooms, the X Games is making its mark into many boys bedrooms across the globe. The eye catching screen print designs matched with fascinating colors can create may different sports related themed rooms with ease and great design.

x games beddingAs a mom I kind of like the bedding. I am glad to buy sports related bedding over comforters with skulls and video game characters any day of the week. Not only are the colors fun to work with when decorating but the graphics are detailed and show character. The colors on all of them may not be for every generation but defiantly correspond with many colors teen boys tend to enjoy and pick out for themselves.

The bedding is geared towards the X Games extreme sporting event which is sponsored in the summer and winter by many large companies and sporting goods manufacturing businesses. The bedding can be found for most any of the major extreme sports showcased in the event such as skateboarding, BMX, inline skating and snowboarding. Some of the most popular prints of the bedding is those showing action shots of some of the most extreme sports made at the event. With some the games being sponsored by many corporations some of the bedding also has some of the well known sporting sponsors attached to the bedding also.

The most popular screenshots I see are of contenders up in the air in mid performance. Some comforters show case a couple of moves while others I see are more of a mesh of different moves. My boys liked the ones with lots of action moves but it really did not matter to them how many was on the bed set itself. I really liked the designs that was spread out a little with different colors and have more then just one screenshot just reprinted over and over again.

Look For The Color
The colors found can greatly be determined by the company that makes it, but most of what I sew is more then just the basic plain color pattern. They was full of color and vibrant colors. There is more then a few color combinations to pick from in the many different designs that feature the games.

X Games Bedding

I liked the X Games bedding that is full of excitement and color. My favorite was ones that used a combination of vibrant orange, green and blue colors like this X Games bedding set. I liked how the colors corresponded with each other but did not make the style look too bright. The bedding can be corresponded with solid sheets of the blue or green for a solid look that can be changed very easily with a different style of comforter. Or could be paired with matching X Games sheet sets to create a more standout coordinated look. These bedding sets would both be a winner in my sons book because of the bright colors and action shots shown in detail. X Games bedding is a good idea for all extreme sports lovers.

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