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Teen Boy Bedding

You would think that teen boys are easy to buy bedding for. In many ways you are spot on as sports or film themes are still very popular. But, you can get a bit more creative with teen boy bedding and still be a winner, without paying the brand name prices. The thing is to look at what interests him more closely and how he sees his room. Is it a full blown working, socializing playing and break out room? Or is it just functional to him? Appreciate his tastes as well. Whilst teen boy bedding can be bright and bold, if he is more retro or just practical in his thinking then it won’t work. Of course involving him in the decision about choosing his bedding is always a wise choice. Try any of these options and you should be able to agree pretty quickly.

teen boy beddingDesigner labels are always popular and teenage boys are no different. Nike, Addidas and many others will be closely associated with any hero he has. Of course in terms of designs for teen boy bedding there are many to choose from, but try to go for a lasting brand image. Tommy Hilfiger bedding is both masculine and stylish. It is good teen directed product and so there should be no problems there. It is also linked in its marketing with growing up towards an adult and has a lot of credibility in the teenage market. So as teen boy bedding goes this is a good choice.

Of course going to a specialty bedding shop also opens up your options when selecting teen boy bedding. Nautica bedding offers simple strong colors, suitable for teenage boys. Bold primary colors, along with black and grays blend together perfectly. Designs of stripes and geometric shapes come in full bedding sets comforters, cushions and more. You can find a fantastic selection of these Nautica ranges to see at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Pottery Barn is another good choice you might want to consider for a good teen boy bedding. It has a specialist branch now called PBTeen. The range it has is massive and there is almost every design suitable for teen boys you could imagine. So whether it is teen boy bedding for home or dorm bedding for college, you should find something to please. It even has a great ‘Design Your Own Bed’ function on its website so that you can both sit and decide together what you are going to pick for each item of the bedding. Finally if you are still stuck for choice, then go for Linens and Things or Kohls who both have really good selection of teen boy bedding to choose from.

So really there is so much to choose from out there that teen boy bedding does not have to be a chore. Many of the places above have online stores where you can browse together and see what is available. For him, the good thing is he doesn’t have to go shopping with his mum! Not the coolest thing to be seen doing as we know.

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