ed hardy bed set

Ed Hardy Bedding Collection

If your son wants a new look to his bedroom you might want to check out Ed Hardy bed sets. With the Ed Hardy bedding collection, your son can have his choice of cool and funky designs. This designer is well known for his rocker edge designs in apparel and his home collection is no different. The graphics are bold and crisp with a definite hard rock edge to them. A perfect choice for teen comforters.

There are quite a few different options for you to choose from when you are redecorating your teenage son’s bedroom. If you want to opt for the complete package you can purchase an Ed Hardy comforter set so that you get all of the pieces in one easy package. Usually a bed in a bag set will include an Ed Hardy comforter, Ed Hardy bed sheets, and Ed Hardy pillow cases but each set is different. You can sometimes even find a deluxe set which will include additional items like pillow shams, or a toss cushion, or even a bed skirt. Check the packaging label to be sure of exactly which items are included in the set you are thinking of purchasing.

ed bedding bed setsDecorating with Ed Hardy bedding is easy. It is all about creating an overall image for your son’s room. The graphics of the Ed Hardy collection lend themselves well to be accompanied by other rocker inspired items. If your son plays guitar or dreams of one day playing in a rock band you can consider wall stencils for his room in the shape of electric guitars. These stencils just peel and stick so they are easy to remove if your son ever gets tired of the look. Be sure to opt for assorted decorative objects around the room that reinforce the rocker theme. In order for the room to not look overdone try not to focus on any one particular image too much but instead opt for a real mix of rock inspired accessories. As far as curtains or draperies go, you can always opt for a solid black to add some balance to the room. Dark curtains also allow your son to sleep in a little later especially on a weekend morning when he does not have to get up bright and early for school. For a really cool and funky twist add a chair into his room with a really bizarre and wild look to it or even a black velvet bean bag chair to balance out the colors.

Simply by starting your redecorating project with linens from the Ed Hardy bedding collection you can provide the basis for an entire design scheme for your son’s room. Each piece has a number of colors within it so that you are able to pick and choose accent colors from within the collection. Tie together the entire look with accent pieces and your son will be absolutely thrilled with your efforts.

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