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Skull and Crossbones Bedding

If your teenager has decided that it is time to update the look of his bedroom, one great option to consider is skull and crossbones bedding. Skull bedding for boys is incredibly popular these days especially for the age group that wants to leave their little boy bedding days behind them. There are a huge number of different styles to choose from as well as all sorts of decorative accents that you can use to complete the look.

If you are going to redecorate your son’s room into a dark and dungeon like retreat it is best to opt for the bedding basics to start the look off right. Be sure to invest in at least a skull comforter set which usually includes a set of skull bed sheets. You can add a solid color blanket at the foot of the bed to provide a bit of contrast to all of the skull and crossbones pattern. If you want a little bit more contrast to all of the pattern you can also add a solid colored toss cushion to complete the look. If you do not want to worry about purchasing all of the different pieces separately you can always consider the option of a bed in a bag skull bedding set. These all in one sets usually include a comforter, bed skirt, sheets, and pillow cases too.  Some popular brand are offering skull theme set, like Quiksilver bedding.

skull and crossbones beddingWith the skull and crossbone pattern being so popular it makes it very easy for parents to find decorative accessories to help complete the overall look. One accent piece to look for is a toss pillow in the shape of a skull. These can sometimes be a little bit tougher to find but they are definitely available. Your son would be thrilled to lean on his new skull toss pillow while he lies on his bed doing his homework. His friends would likely get a real kick out of it too and would think his mom was pretty cool to have found it for him. You can also look for skulls to use around his room. A light switch cover in either the shape of a sunken head or even a crossbone switch plate would look really great. If your son has a desk in his room for homework you can look for a silver sunken head that can serve as a holder for his pens and pencils. A black garbage can in the corner with a glow in the dark skull on the side would likely make your son thrilled with your choice. Be sure to add jet black curtains to the look and the entire room is going to be an out of the box hit with your son and his friends.

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