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Teen Bedding Sets

While searching for the perfect solution in bedding for a teen boy keep their preferences in mind. While girls may not object to big frilly flowers on their bed a boy will usually have big problems with this. Keep lace and other trimmings to a minimum while making a decision on bedding for a boy as well.

The age of the teen boy is another factor to consider before making a bedding purchase. Teen bedding sets geared toward boys can range from cartoons to stripes. While younger teens seem to like the more colorful, cartoon figures in their room an older boy will think they are childish and may not be willing to sleep under those covers.

teen bedding setsBedspreads are a light weight alternative to bulky comforters during warmer months. Teen bedspreads come in many of the same designs and color schemes as full bedding sets do. The main difference between a comforter and a bedspread, besides the weight, is the length. Bedspreads are intended to cover the entire bed and do not require a bed skirt, although some bedspreads do have matching bed skirts that can be purchased with the bedding set or without.

Stripes and plaids are just a couple of designs in teen boy bedding sets that allow their room to not only display the things that they like but also help to give it a sophisticated appearance as well. These designs can be found in a wide variety of colors easily to match the rest of the rooms decor. These bedding sets are great for older teens at home and are the perfect choice for dorms.

Teen bed in a bag sets are the one stop shopping experience bundled up quite nicely in one plastic bag. These teen bedding sets can be purchased with just the comforter and pillow shams in them or they can be purchased with everything, including the curtains, in them. These sets are the perfect option for gift giving as parents of the teen do not need to search out matching pieces to finish the look.

Sports are a huge hit with many teen boys. Their passion for the game can be displayed in their room with the right bedding set. This design can be found in bed in a bag sets as well as in single pieces. This type of design is usually geared toward the younger male teens but many older ones may appreciate it as well. Before making a bedding purchase of this type a talk with the teen about their preference in design is the best way to make the right purchase. If a teen boy appreciates their bedding they will be more liable to care for it as well.

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